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The Prediction Game with the Wisdom of Crowds

- Make virtual bets on real-world outcomes.

- Get true odds from the crowd on each outcome.

- Win when you're right. Win big if the crowd is wrong!

- Are you as smart as the crowd? Maybe smarter?

Whatever your results, all player's bets go into making true odds -- the wisdom of the crowd-- on these outcomes.

Join the crowd. See the future.

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Explain Like I'm Five

Games are simple and quick, but the whole activity is new to many. This explainer video walks you through a game, step by step -- all three of them. No smoke, no mirrors, it's a game with a purpose. See for yourself.

One Game

The game is strictly social. Each player's bets are processed mathematically into the crowd's odds. There are no bookmakers.

One World

Worldwide coverage of professional sports, entertainment awards, political elections and more--playable 365/24/7 in 9 languages.

Many Futures

The platform enables do-it-yourself users and application developers to generate true odds on any set of mutually exclusive outcomes.