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Virtuous Betting with the Wisdom of Crowds

Make true odds about real-world outcomes by competing in mutual-betting games for score, rank and virtual currency. Virtuous because true odds are the crowd’s collective judgments -- and large and diverse crowds tend to be right. Play free forever.

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Open Games

NHL 2015/2016 - Regular Season Day 116
NBA 2015/2016 - Regular Season Day 103
SCOTUS 2015-2016 - Duncan v Owens

Upcoming Games

NHL 2015/2016 - Regular Season Day 117
NBA 2015/2016 - Regular Season Day 104

Fame and fortune for just 3 steps

Find game

1. Find your game

Your Dashboard will display “Upcoming Games” that match the “Interests” you select at your Profile. Or Search by name.

Make bets

2. Make your best bets

Use more tokens if you’re confident; fewer if you’re not so sure. Change your mind? You can change your bets as long as the game is open.

Get scores

3. Get your scores

Betting Score is the sum of payouts from all your winning bets. Foresight Score shows how much you helped the crowd achieve 20/20 foresight.

Explain Like I'm Five

Foresight for all...just by playing!

Foresight is the crowd’s judgment about what will happen -- and large crowds with diverse players tend to be right.


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